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Dracula's Web Resources

We want to develop this part of "Dracula between Hero and Vampire" as a web directory of sites related to Dracula , to the historical Vlad III Dracula and to Vampires myth and popular art.

Free Resources

Here are displayed free libraries or resources that provides information's about Dracula and vampires, encyclopedias, dictionaries, other online free databases.

WikiPedia.com | Answers.com | Imdb.com

Dracula's Sites

Web sites directly related to Dracula and to Vlad the Impaler and to Transylvania.

Dracula Blogged
Bram Stoker's vampire novel, published by its own calendar.

Dracula's Home Page - Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller is recognized internationally for her expertise on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula - its origins in folklore, literature and history, as well as its influence on the cultrue of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Tom's Place - Great resources about Bran Castle

"DRACUL - An Eternal Love Story."
A poignant and romantic tale of eternal love - "A book with its own cast album"

Ordine del Drago
Website focus on Vlad Tepes historical figure, and looks to Dracula myth as well. This association collects any book dvd memorabilia about Dracula, organises expositions and seminaries, sells gadgets and creates a comprehensive Vlad III Dracula cd-rom

Official Site of Bran Castle Museum

Royalty.nu - Vlad Dracula
Presents the life of Vlad the Impaler, the real Prince Dracula.

Dmoz.org - Vlad the Impaler web sites

Wikipedia - Vlad III Dracula

Travel Websites

Transylvania Live
Holidays with Transylvania Live - experts in Transylvania offering Transylvania tours, romantic travels, cultural and adventure tours in Romania

Transylvania Castle
Travel to Transylvania, Romania. Travel back in time to discover living history and unspoiled wildlife.

Vampires Sites

General web sites about vampires - communities, blogs, forums.

Theatres des vampires - Music Band

Shopping Websites

Dracula's Info aStore Shopping Center (in association with Amazon.com)

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