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How to get to Bran Castle

In order to get to Bran Castle (Brasov/Romania) you have 3 simple steps to do. This in case you don't use a travel agency that sets all the details for you.

Step 1. International Airport to Bucharest

Get to Romania from your country. You have to get a flight to Bucharest - the capital city of Romania, to the International Airport of Otopeni.

Otopeni International Airport
Bucharest, RO

Here is an estimation of duration of your trip from Europe capital cities:
Rome - 3h 15m
Munich - 3h 10'
Paris - 3h 50'
Brussels - 3h 35'
Istanbul - 1h 30'
London - 5h 15' (New York - London 12h)
Madrid - 4h 45'
New York - London - Bucharest (12h + 5h only flight time)


Step 2. Bucharest - Brasov

From Bucharest you have to get to Brasov. You can do that by bus, by train, or you can rent a car from Bucharest.

By Bus:
Total Time: 3h 26'
Price: ~ 5€
Bucharest - Sinaia - Predeal - Brasov
Bucharest - Brasov - Sighisoara - Targu Mures

Rent a car: 30-120 €/day

Train routes Bucharest - Brasov 166 km:

From Bucharest North Railway Station:
R - Rapid 2h 29' (1st Class /2nd Class)
A -Accelerate 3h 12' (1st Class /2nd Class)
IC - InterCity 2h 50' (1st Class /2nd Class/Couchette)

Tourism sights:

Centrally located Brasov is a good starting point for trips around Romania. It is also the largest city in a mountain resorts area. The old city itself is very well preserved, and is best seen by taking the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Hill (995 m), a beautiful lookout.

  • The nearby Bran Castle
  • "The Black Church", a celebrated Gothic site - the building dates from 1477 , when it replaced a 1384 church. Its acquired the name after being blackened by smoke from a 1689 fire.
  • Biserica Sf. Nicolae (Saint Nicholas Church), dating back to the 14th century.
  • The Orthodox cathedral, built in 1858.
  • Muzeul "Prima Carte Româneasca" , a museum exhibiting the first book printed in the Romanian language.
  • The "Brasov Citadel Fortress"
  • Poiana Brasov , mainly a ski resort, but also a sightseeing spot.
  • Tâmpa , a hill in the middle of the city (900m above sea level), a sightseeing spot near the old city center.

Step 3. Brasov - Bran

You can stay on an hotel in Brasov, and take daily trips to Bran or other touristic attractions of the zone, or you can stay on Bran on one of the local villas.

Bran is located at 24 km of Brasov on DN 73.
By Bus: 30' (~1€)


  • Bran Castle Museum

Don't miss

After you get to Brasov you cannot miss the next locations of Romania that are close to Brasov:

  • Sinaia - The Peles Castle - one of the most beautiful mountain resorts of Romania , boasts of a past rich in cultural and social events. Combining natural beauty with picturesque architecture, Sinaia is a former royal residence and bears a holy name. King Carol I of Romania built his summer home, Peles Castle , near the town.
  • Predeal - An important mountain resort , Predeal is located of the Prahova Valley and is surrounded by five massifs: Postavarul , Piatra Mare , Bucegi , Baiului and Fitifoi .
  • Busteni - is a small mountain town in the north of the county Prahova , in the center of Romania . It is located in the Prahova Valley , at the bottom of the Bucegi mountains, that have a maximum altitude of 2500 m. Its name literally means in Romanian tree-logs .

Article by: Dracula.cc Research Team
Last update: 21 August 2006


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