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Ambient (Romania/Brasov)

About Ambient:

Located ideally in the very heart of Brasov City, at the border between the old fortified city and the business quarter of the city, AMBIENT Hotel Complex is easy to access regardless of where one comes from. With a distinct architecture that offers a marvellous view of the whole city from its glass elevator, the hotel puts 8 years of experience at your service, as it ranks amongst the first entirely private capital hotels in Brasov City. Dedicated to continuous innovation and the highest standards of hospitality, Hotel Ambient addresses the modern and sophisticate traveller.

It originally started with seven rooms, but success compelled its owners to continue developing and extending it and thus the new wing was inaugurated in September 2004. At the moment Hotel Ambient expects you with 39 rooms, with four-star services and facilities, but with three-star prices.

Heart, love and devotion put in equal amounts result into a successful attitude.

There are no clients to us, but only guests treated with the respect and hospitality deserving. Our strategy is flexibility in the relationship with our partners, luxury services in all the hotel departments and the defining of a correct tariff policy for a longer extent of time. The restaurant offers a menu that concentrates a series of culinary trends, managing to cover a large area of options. The complex hosts various events, ranging from the most sophisticated festive suppers, to cocktail-parties, Swedish buffet, event banquet menus and catering services, both in the restaurant and the conference hall.

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Hotel/Inn Services:

Location: Romania / Brasov
Hotel/Inn Class : 3 stars3 stars3 stars
Reservations: +40-268-470856


Address Str. Aninoasa nr.5, Brasov, 500085
Phone 1: +40-268-470856
Phone 2 : +40-368-401104
Email: reservations@hotelambient.ro
Web: http://www.hotelambient.ro/en/

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