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Son of Dracula (1943)

Info about the Movie "Son of Dracula"

Directed by: Robert Siodmak
Movie Genre: Horror

Son of Dracula is an american horror film directed by Robert Siodmak, 1943. It is the second sequel to Universal Studios' adaptation of Dracula.

Plot Summary: Count Alucard is invited to the United States by a young heiress (Katherine Caldwell). Her boyfriend and local officials are suspicious of the newcomer, who is interested in the virile soil of the new world.

Actors distribution:

Lon Chaney Jr. ~ Count Alucard, aka Count Dracula (as Lon Chaney)
Robert Paige ~ Frank Stanley
Louise Allbritton ~ Katherine 'Kay' Caldwell
Evelyn Ankers ~ Claire Caldwell
Frank Craven ~ Prof. Harry Brewster
J. Edward Bromberg ~ Prof

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"Son of Dracula (1943)"

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