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Horror of Dracula (1958)

Info about the Movie "Horror of Dracula"

Directed by: Terence Fisher
Movie Genre: Horror

After Jonathan Harker attacks Dracula at his castle (apparently somewhere in Germany), the vampire travels to a nearby city, where he preys on the family of Harker's fiancée. The only one who may be able to protect them is Dr. van Helsing, Harker's friend and fellow-student of vampires, who is determined to destroy Dracula, whatever the cost.

It was followed by seven sequels beginning with The Brides of Dracula in 1960. Peter Cushing returned as Professor Van Helsing, and David Peel played Baron Meinster, a descendent of Dracula and replacement for Christopher Lee. Lee returned as Dracula for the rest of the sequels, with the exception of "The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula (1973)":

Actors distribution:

Peter Cushing ~ Doctor Van Helsing
Christopher Lee ~ Count Dracula
Michael Gough ~ Arthur Holmwood
Melissa Stribling ~ Mina Holmwood
Carol Marsh ~ Lucy
Olga Dickie ~ Gerda

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"Horror of Dracula (1958)"

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