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Dracula's Daughter (1936)

Info about the Movie "Dracula's Daughter"

Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Movie Genre: Drama / Horror

This sequel begins a few moments after the previous film ends: Count Dracula has just been killed by Professor Van Helsing (Edward Van Sloan). Van Helsing is taken by police to Scotland Yard where he explains that he indeed did kill Count Dracula, but because he was already dead for over 500 years, it can't be considered murder. Van Helsing, instead of hiring a lawyer, enlists the aid of a psychiatrist who was once one of his star students. The doctor agrees to help Van Helsing anyway he can. Meanwhile, Dracula's daughter, Countess Marya Zaleska (Gloria Holden), with the aid of her companion, steals Dracula’s body from Scotland Yard and burns it so she can be a normal mortal. However, her eternal thirst for human blood can't be quenched; the Countess continues to kill and sleep in her coffin during daylight hours. After a chance meeting with the same doctor who is defending Van Helsing, the Countess asks the psychiatrist to help cure her vampirism, without telling the man that she is actually a vampire.

Universal's Dracula series would continue seven years later with Son of Dracula.

Actors distribution:

Otto Kruger ~ Dr. Jeffrey Garth
Gloria Holden ~ Countess Marya Zaleska
Marguerite Churchill ~ Janet Blake
Edward Van Sloan ~ Prof. Von Helsing
Gilbert Emery ~ Sir Basil Humphrey

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"Dracula's Daughter (1936)"

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