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Blood of Dracula (1957)

Info about the Movie "Blood of Dracula"

Directed by: Herbert L. Strock
Movie Genre: Horror

In a girl's boarding school, science teacher Miss Branding dabbles with regression and hypnosis, her prey the young and innocent Nancy Perkins. Unknown to her, she commits a series of full-moon murders and is finally brought to the realization that she herself is the culprit.

Actors distribution:

Sandra Harrison ... Nancy Perkins
Louise Lewis ... Miss Branding
Gail Ganley ... Myra
Jerry Blaine ... Tab
Heather Ames ... Nola
Malcolm Atterbury ... Lt. Dunlap
Mary Adams ... Mrs. Thornedyke
Thomas Browne Henry ... Mr. Perk

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"Blood of Dracula (1957)"

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