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The Darker Passions: Dracula

written by: Amarantha Knight

Reprint of this sexualized version of the classic. Bram Stoker's Dracula was heavy with the repressed sexuality of the Victorian age; here, the sexual undercurrent surfaces and slinks wryly to the center of the action. Dracula is not the cretinous lurker of Herzog's cinematic Nosferatu: he is a sexy beast, a powerful being who takes pleasure from drinking blood and also delights in domination, bondage, spanking, and S/M games.

Amarantha Knight is the steamy pseudonym of Canadian horror writer Nancy Kilpatrick. Under both names she has written fourteen novels, including The Darker Passions series, the Power of the Blood series and As One Dead. She has also written for VampErotica comics and has edited numerous anthologies. With the Arthur Ellis Award for best mystery story, she has been a Bram Stoker Aurora Award finalist many times. She and her black cat Bella make their home in Montreal.

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"The Darker Passions: Dracula"

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