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Dracula : Asylum

written by: Paul Witcover

Editorial Reviews:
Since Bram Stoker first penned Dracula in 1897, this horror classic has been endlessly reinterpreted in movies paying tribute to the original story. Drawing on Universal Pictures' 1930s rendition of Count Dracula during the Golden Age of horror films, Dracula: Asylum is a bold new turn on a story that has remained a consistent favorite for over 100 years.

The book follows the activities of Dr. Seward’s Sanatorium, the location from which Dracula drew several victims before being destroyed by Jonathan Harker in the original story. It is now after World War I and after being gone for years Dracula is suddenly restored to Earth. Trapped beneath the grounds of the madhouse, his evil reaches out into the minds of the weak and insane — as a new crop of victims is harvested, new heroes are needed to battle this impenetrable evil.

Dracula: Asylum combines pounding action and taut tension to create a successor worthy of the original.

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"Dracula : Asylum"

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